Bus Hire
    Phone: 01307 477914
Short's Travel Ltd

Have you been asked to organise the transport for your night out, holiday, golf trip??

Let Shorts Travel Ltd take the stress out of those travel plans.

We can accommodate 8, 16 and 53 seats for your trip.
•    Airport Transfers
•    Golf trips
•    Shopping Trips
•    Stag/Hen Parties
•    Weddings
Give us a call on 01307 477914 or complete the form on the contact page giving all details of your specific requirements.

This is a Strictly Pre Booked Service.


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Contact Details

  Call: 01307 477914
Pre Book Minibus/Chauffer: 01307 477914
Taxi Service:  01307 468808
Taxi Mobile:  07927938687
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  58 Market Street